Rotten Apple

Stayed in bed a little longer than usual this morning and, oh my, that was not a good choice for me. The extra sleep was not a fair trade for my scrambled thoughts, and heavier traffic whizzing by. Father, in spite of my foolishness, help me to redeem our time together.

Hebrews 4:16 (<<click here)

            “…come boldly to the throne of our gracious God.”

I do believe, Lord, that coming boldly to Your throne speaks more of confidence with a healthy dose of reverence. I don’t want anything to hinder me from coming to You. Even when I have sinned, I need to come before You as quickly as possible to take care of my sin. I don’t want it to be the rotten apple in the barrel that starts to affect the other apples in my barrel. You don’t want me to be fearful of coming to You. I know You are gracious and will be merciful to me. This is most assuredly not a license to flagrantly disobey You but it does not throw up an impenetrable wall between us – You want those kinds of things taken care of ASAP. Your desire is for our relationship to always be moving forward, onward and upward!

My goal must be to keep our communication line clear of all that would block it. I am so grateful that I could come to You yesterday when Massey was struggling with school. I felt totally free to bring it before You. You love me. You want what is best for me. Thank You, Lord, for Your availability to even me.

Mar 8th, Tues, 6:58 am