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Vital Relationship

Thank You, Father, for answering my prayer. I am up early enough to spend some time with You. May I be attentive and receptive. Amen.

Matthew 6:5-6 (<<click the green)

I think we would all agree, Lord, that communication is of the utmost importance in any and every relationship. We have all experienced the budding of relationships, be they romantic or friend based…and communication is key. We talk about who we are, what we’ve done, where we’ve been, what we are passionate about, our struggles, our victories – anything and everything can be discussed and shared. It’s what brings us together. It’s what strengthens the ties between us. Interdependence and love make for a rock solid relationship upon which we can build our lives. If we truly care about someone, we make sure that we cut out slots of time, no matter how crazy our schedules are, to interact with them.

Doing so for others is vital to our relationships here on earth. So if it is so important in these instances, why do we struggle to do the same with You? I regularly stress the importance of developing an intimate relationship with You to my congregations. If our relationship with You is to grow, we absolutely must spend time with You.

Once again Ephesians 1:4 tells us, “Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.” We don’t need to spend time with You for You to get to know us, we need to spend time with You to get to know You!

The lines of a hymn written by Joseph M. Scriven in 1855 are fitting,

What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.

Lord, help my love for You to always be growing – may it never wane. May my heart’s desire always be to be about spending time with You each and every day. Amen.

Dec 5th Tues, 6:24 am


A full weekend but a good weekend! Thank You, Father, for Your watching over us in our travels. Thank You for Your presence. Thank You for the love You have given us and the love we have for each other. I pray for Your guiding hand throughout the up-and-coming week. Amen.

Revelation 2:19 (<<click green)

One of the most important aspects of our relationship with You, Lord, is that we are to grow. We should be having “constant improvement” in the areas of love…faith…service, and…patient endurance.”

My study Bible* reminds me that, “Because the times are critical, we must spend our days wisely and faithfully.” Lord, do I do that? In a recent sermon, I reminded my congregations that You have given every one of us exactly 86,400 seconds to use at our discretion. Do we use them “wisely and faithfully”?

I realize that we all need down time but It can be easy to accomplish nothing with the time we have. Others can run from sun up to sundown busying themselves with all kinds of things. But if we are not seeking “constant improvement” in the areas of “love…faith…service, and…patient endurance” what good is it all?

Lord, help me today to examine what I do and how I do it. May the many aspects of my life be pleasing in Your sight. Help me to conscientiously be moving forward in my relationship with You. “Because the times are critical” may I be constantly be seeking Your directive in every facet of my life. Amen.

*Life Application Study Bible New Living Translation

July 17th, Mon, 6:52 am

Rose Colored Glasses

Thinking over yesterday, Father, I am so grateful for your presence. In both times of worship you were with us. As Karen and I busied ourselves through the rest of the day You were with us. We are so blessed and look forward to what this day brings. We give ourselves over to You. Guide us, touch us, and uphold us. Amen.

Hebrews 10:26-31 (<<click here)

Lord, the only thing saving us from eternal condemnation is You. Because of Your supreme sacrifice, because of Your shed blood we have eternal life. And, Lord, all I can say is that I am grateful that we are all in Your hands.

You will be our judge, You who lived amongst us. You who experienced the allure of temptation yet stood firm against it. You alone see the big picture of who we are. You are intimately aware of every detail of our lives – every action, every word, and every single thought! And You will be our Judge.

Every person, from every age, regardless of race, religion or creed will stand before You, Lord. And each of us will have to answer only to You. I will not be so brazen as to assume to know what You will do. But I do know that we will get what we deserve. And I know that You are just and You are love.

I don’t know how much time I have left. I don’t know how much time the world has left. But, Lord, I would ask that I would make the most of the time I do have. Help me see the reality of who I am, to not waste the resources I have. I would pray for all of Your children. Time is truly of the essence. Help us to wake up. May we not see the world around us with rose-colored glasses but to see through Your eyes. Burden our hearts with loving the world as You do. Help us give it our all. Help us to hold nothing back. Time is running out!

Apr 18th, Mon, 5:46am

And It Came to Pass

Father, time is surely one of the many things from You that man cannot control. We try to savor the good “times” with attempts to slow it down. We try to sidestep tough (or boring or uncomfortable) times by hoping it will “pass quickly”. But it is a constant, seemingly, it will forever continue at its fervent (or plodding) pace depending upon our perspective.

But Your perspective is a constant too, Father, for You Yourself are a constant. You stand outside of time for You just are. You have always been and will always be.

I on the other hand, by Your creation, live in time. I cannot avoid it. And though I am here “now” that will not always be the case. I may currently live in time but in actuality am a creature of eternity. My life here, in the comparative short time I live on this spinning globe, is but a precursor to what my life will be eternally.

Here and now everything, myself (body that is) included, will deteriorate. Absolutely nothing that I can touch or see or hear or smell will ever be the same. I cherish the things I love while they are in proximity of my sphere of life. I am consoled knowing that difficulties and heartaches will not always, I pray, be with me but that I can assuredly say, “And it came to pass.”

There is great comfort found in 2 Corinthians 4:17-18:

“For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever. So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now, rather we fix our gaze on things that cannot be see. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

Lord, I would ask today that You would help me to make You the constant in my life. Time, though a constant now, will be no more but You are eternal. And the things of You are eternal. May my life be spent in investing in all those things. And the overarching component in them is love – Your love for me, my love for You, and my love for others. If I can fill every second of my life with love, fleshing it out in incalculable ways, that is what will last for eternity.

Mar 5th, Sat, 5:10 am

Called to Share

Good morning, Father! I’m ready to hear what You have to say. Help me to take it all in and to live it out, too!

Titus 3:12-15 (<<click here)

Paul’s letter to Titus concludes with some transitional instruction – a pastoral change with a call for Titus to winter with Paul. Also, Paul asks for the Crete’s to help Apollos and Zenas in their travels for ministry. And in that regard he writes, “Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent need of others; then they will not be unproductive.” v14

Lord, when we are called to share it can be a challenge – it goes against our self-preservation mentality. If I have two apples and I give you one apple… that leaves me with just one apple. Things we own, including money, are at times, difficult to part with…but for that matter so is our time. In fact sometimes it is easier to throw money at a need than to invest time into it. Quite often time is a much more valuable commodity.

Jesus, when You came to live amongst us – You sacrificed everything. We had nothing in comparison but You came to give us Your all. You held nothing back.

For the most part we are not asked to give everything we cherish away. (Though a devout follower realizes all we own – all we are – is from Your bounteous hand.) But how many times when we are asked to give we respond like a toddler whose toy is given to another.

Lord, help me to be wise in my giving. May I give to those who are truly in need. May I do so with the utmost of love and compassion. May I not be hesitant, on occasion, to give until it hurts. May I be Your hands and Your heart to a world in need – not just material need but sometimes I need to give time and a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Feb 7th, Sun, 6:28 am